Friday, September 4, 2015

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 3 September 2015

It's been a big geneaweek for GeniAus this week with last Sunday's GeneaGala series of Hangouts on Air. After a day off genealogy last Monday I returned to my blog reading and selected some posts that I hope you will enjoy. I seem to have bookmarked a few foreign posts this week.

1. I missed this one from Patsy Trench earlier this month (Read Part 2 as well)

2. Remember to nominate your fave genies and vote after September 7.

3. I'd love to see more Book Review posts - here's one from Liz.

4. Shelley puts her analtyical mind to work to come up with some super and unique advice for searchng Trove.

5. Amy, my genimate from Texas, is writing an hilarious personal blog.

6. Meet Malcolm from the Biographical Database of Australia.

7. From Lithuanian Jew to Catholic Priest.

8. Maria sings the praises of Papers Past

9. Shauna's #NFHM2015 wrapup.

10. Do you use the digitised books from Familysearch?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trove Tuesday - Pusells and Pandora

As I am wanting to keep the #trovetueday activity alive and the hashtag relevant I am posting something from our Nation's Treasure Trove today.

Genealogists turn to Trove for newspaper articles but Trove can lead us to many more resources. When I logged on this morning I didn't know what I'd search for but then I thought about Pandora, Australia's Web Archive, that is searchable via Trove. I know that my blog and those of some of my Genimates like Shauna and Pauleen are archived by Pandora.

I wondered what results a simple search "family history" would return in results from Pandora. I got an incredible number of hits, the results telling me there were "at least 1,216 sites containing 793,414 page versions". That's quite a bit of material on family history.

Some of the sites that are archived on Pandora and searchable via Trove
Then I started thinking about my ancestors and wondering if within those results I might find something new about them.....and I did.   I often use the surname Pusell in my searches as anyone with that name in Australia is related to me. So I added Pusell to the search string.

The results can be seen below. The first link was to my blog but the second and third were new to me and haven't turned up in the previous Pusell searches I have done on Google.

The third result was the most exciting for me as it took me to a blog I didn't follow (now rectified) that contained a very sharp image that included my Grandmother's brother, James Pusell, and his son George Pusell. The blog, Old Images of Rylstone District, that aims to "share historical information depicted in photos and images of old scenes of the Rylstone District" has a collection of 690 images.

In the photo I found there are some chaps named Cole. As James Pusell was married to Annie Cole I suspect that these men may be relations.

I need to investigate the second link as I don't know of a Samuel Pusell!!!

I hadn't thought of  the Pandora Archive as a potential source of ancestor information. I have been enlightened on this Trove Tuesday.

Now I need to spend some time constructing search strings for my ancestors with pesky names like Curry and Smith and also to search for articles on ancestral towns and villages.

I love youse all

After one of his career triumphs Australian World Champion Boxer Jeff Fenech uttered the immortal words "I love youse all".

I am borrowing Jeff's phrase and sending it out to all those genimates who supported me in my crazy Sunday GeneaGala Day of Google Hangouts on Air. I had the most awesome time and thank all of you for being there with me.

There is not way I would have made the Finish Line without the support of my genimates DearMYRTLE and Cousin Russ who are Hangout on Air experts. Thank you for staying with me and providing moral and technical support during the wee hours (in your timezone). Your generosity knows no bounds. How can I ever thank you?

I don't know how many took part in the Hangouts but I was most grateful that I wasn't left alone on air at any time. Thanks to those who added to the conversations by posting comments in the chat areas of the events. What I found confirming was that I could see that right through the twelve hours we had people watching us on Youtube. Each and every one of you made a contribution to the day,

We all did our bit to support National Family History Month downunder.

If you wish to see the Hangouts you can view them via the GeniAus Community on Google+ (you need to join) or on my Youtube Channel.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

GeneaGala Ready and Waiting

If you don't want to be bothered logging in and getting set up with headphones, Microphone etc but would like to view one of the GeneaGala Hangouts today there is a simple way for you to do so.

Just point your browser to my Youtube Channel and click on the link to the Hangout that would be in progress at whatever time of day it is currently.


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