Saturday, September 20, 2014

No photo

My Great-Grandfather, Francis Duncan, who died 93 years ago today is a bit of a mystery man to me.

The only photo I have relating to him is one of his headstone in Cobar Cemetery.

Frank Duncan and Harriet Magick are buried in Cobar Cemetery
When I started writing this post an hour ago I decided to see if I could find any new information on Francis who had been born in Victoria and who died in Cobar. As he never "married" his wife, Harriet Holmes (nee Magick), I don't know when or where he met her and as the births of his children weren't registered I cannot confirm their birth places and discover where frank and Harriet were living at that time. I have visited the Museum in Cobar but they have no information on Frank.

Where did I turn? Trove of course. In a short time I have placed Francis in Cobar from 1900, discovered that he was a carpenter, lived in Prince Street, leased land and ran sheep on it, did contract work for the local council and that his estate was probated (I hadn't found this at State Records - time for more investigation there). Two In Memoriam notices confirm the names of some of his grandchildren.

This post did not go where I expected it to go thanks to Trove., I am excited and on the hunt. The source of my joy today is The Cobar Herald (NSW : 1899 - 1914 that must have been recently added to Trove. I must away aand thoroughly read the articles I have found and conjure up a few more search strings to test out The Cobar Herald.

Maybe one day I'll find a photo of Francis and Harriet.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Signed up for Two Courses

I moved my family tree data over to Family Historian nearly two years ago now but I still class myself as a beginner with this versatile software package.

I learnt a lot from Family Historian expert, Jane Taubman, on the Unlock the Past Genealogy cruise in February when she presented a series of lectures on the package. Jane indicated that several times a year she conducted full day courses for Family Historian users at Dillington House in Ilminster, Somerset in the UK. When I expressed an interest in these courses Jane asked when I would be in the UK and said she would try to schedule some courses when I would be there. She was as good as her word.

Tonight I have signed up for two full day courses in November. Hopefully by the time I return to Australia I will be an intermediate user of the Family Historian software.

These are the courses I will be taking
You can read all about the courses here:

Rootstech Checklist

It's five months until I return home from Rootstech 2015 so in thinking about my preparations for the big event I am compiling a checklist. I have travelled to Salt Lake City several times so I have a fair idea of what I need to do.

GeniAus Checklist

International return flight Australia - LAX - Booked

Domestic return flight LAX - SLC Need to get on to this. There are no reward/points flights available do I need to purchase this one. Thinking I will fly South-West asthey will let me have two suitcases.

Airport transfers in SLC - Shuttles/taxia can be organised at airport in SLC

Hotel Accommodation - Booked (early to ensure I get a convenient hotel).

Conference Registration - Done

Passport - Valid

ESTA (Visa) - Need a new one

Create a Google+ circle with names of others attending - Set up

Find out names of Aussies who are travelling to Rootstech - Only know 6 so far HELP Needed

Set a date for a casual pre-conference dinner with Aussies and friends - Tuesday 10 February

Aussie pins/stickers/badges to hand out -  a task for 2015

GeniAus Business Cards to hand out - watch out for specials on Vistaprint

GeniAus HOA Cards to hand out - watch out for specials on Vistaprint

Start gathering up my Geneabling to wear at the event and put it all in one place

Compile list of Familysearch films to check in Family History Library - In progress in my Family Historian Database

Check Familysearch site for pre-conference talks in the Family History Library - Too early for this yet

Compile a packing list - a task for 2015

Get started on writing the syllabus for my presentation - Do it now!

What preparations are you making?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just what is Kiva?

You may have noticed the Kiva page on the menu bar of this blog and wondered about it. It is hard to explain what Kiva does in just a few words, this  new video from Kiva gives a clear explanation of the project.

Together with a few hundred genealogists from around the world I am a member of The Genealogists for Families team on Kiva, We loan because...we care about families (past, present and future).

For the cost of half a dozen cups of coffee you can make your first Kiva loan.

Your invitation to join our team is here


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