Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Reluctant Attendee

My geneavlog for today.

Unfortunately as my internet connection was patchy I had to edit out the end of the Hangout where I thanked Martyn Killion from SAG for being a great webinar host and moderator.

I also forgot to mention that the Australian War Memorial is seeking volunteers to transcribe WW1 diaries. If you are able to assist you can email

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I often drag the chain so when Judy Webster set up  the Genealogists for Families Group on Kiva on 27th September 2014 it took me a couple of weeks to sign up. I was reminded of my impending Kivaversary in a post from my blogging mate Pauleen who was quicker off the mark to join the group. Today it is three years since I joined the team.

In that time the 295 other genealogists (and friends) from all around the world who have joined our team have lent $US122,000 through 4,608 loans. They have made a difference to so many lives. You can see the loans I have made here:

I love lending through Kiva because:

  • I can choose where my money goes
  • I can dedicate loans to friends and family
  • I get to know about the people I loan to through reading their profiles and seeing their photos
  • All of each $25 I loan goes straight to the borrower (I add a little to each loan for admin funds)
  • I learn about real people in other countries and the problems they face 
  • I prefer to lend than to give. As I can reinvest my funds when they are repaid I feel that my charity dollars work very hard and return great results for the borrowers and for me as a lender.
  • I get a real buzz from helping other people and families.
  • I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow team members.
I note that the number of new members joining the Genealogists for Families Group on Kiva has slowed to a trickle this year, it would be great if our ranks could grow so that we could do even more good.

For the price of just five cups of coffee you could make a loan that may change a life. Here is your  invitation to join our team.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trove Tuesday _ Help sought with Genealogy

Less then 30 years ago letters and articles like the one I share below were a major means of seeking assistance to solve genealogical mysteries. Although people today still put notices in newspapers the internet and social media have opened up many more avenues for communication and collaboration.

1985 'Help sought with genealogy.', The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), 16 July, p. 2, viewed 21 October, 2014,
I wonder if Mr Shearer was able to get any response to his plea.

Today I can sit in my study and find immediate answers for David. In less than a minute I found Public Trees on Ancestry for Charles Michael Woodward. I found there also many references to Richard Gabell. On Trove and at the Australian War Memorial I found information on Richard and Elizabeth's son, also named Richard.

1918 'ROLL OF HONOR.', Forbes Advocate (NSW : 1911 - 1921), 17 September, p. 2, viewed 21 October, 2014,

I could have gone on and on finding more information for David but my other duties called.

We are fortunate these days to have such easy access to online information.

Monday, October 20, 2014

279 and Growing

Having plenty of material for future blog posts makes life easy.

About nine weeks ago when I had a bit of time on my hands I set up the Geneadictionary over on Wordpress. As I have been using blogger for eons this was a brave move for me. I didn't know if the Geneadictionary would be a flash in the pan or if I would be able to find enough content to maintain a regular posting schedule.

Several of my genimates look out for and even coin words and phrases to add to the dictionary, I am so grateful to them for their assistance, as I add their suggestions I try to add their names to the list of Genealogophiles at the Geneadictionary.

I seem to have developed a heightened awareness for Genealogisms which seem to jump out at me as I read genealogy news. I find myself waking up at night and grabbing my phone to add to Evernote a new word, phrase or acronym that has just hit me.

Can you believe that I have 279 entries for inclusion in the Geneadictionary saved in my Evernote folder? I think the Geneadictionary is here to stay.


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